Hiiiiiiiiiii people


Happy Valentine’s day.

Oh hon hon hon hon hon hon~

It’s almost  That time of yer again.

All done


It’s 5 am and im editing my tumblr



My need for Heavy is




Who can blame you?

(Art by the amazing Chyringa.)



who is so cute? ^_^ oh, sorry)))

*gasp* A Chyringa Heavy/Medic piece I didn’t know about!

I have to be up in a bit, but i can’t sleep……

There are mercenaries kissing on my dash….how do you do draw people kissing????//////////

HHHH I forgot to post these

I’m really proud of these y’all don’t even know.

The GF is making an 20’s AU thingy and imma try and be Kankri.

he’s a book keeper /)y0y(\

You always draw the best porn at 2/4 am /)u0u(\

I’m in love with Kankri right now (actually Vantas’ in general)

time for bed <333

it’s been a sucky week.

…..so yeah……hey people I ain’t dead.

whispers: /.I drew him cause he’s the one that doesn’t scare me/


YUKOKI'S 11037 FOLLOWERS (dangan ronpa-themed) GIVEAWAY!  »

hey there!! thank you all so much for the huge support i’ve received these past 1.5 years of theme making! i don’t even know how it happened, but i’ve hit an amazing total of 11037 followers!! so to celebrate, i thought i’d organize a little theme giveaway for all of you lovely people ♥ thanks for all the great memories!


  • giveaway ends 14 feb 2014
  • 4 winners chosen via random number generator
  • 1 reblog + 1 like per person
  • winners must be following me to qualify!!

(psst, previews for the giveaway themes can be seen via clicking the post title!)



today i was getting dressed and didn’t realize i was wearing a plaid shirt over a plaid shirt until my mom stopped me from going out the door

Guess who’s looking fab at the expo?